Two PM Junction

Stephen Mason

  • Singer 100% 100%
  • Songwriter 100% 100%
  • Country 100% 100%
  • Love 100% 100%

I’m a Singer/Songwriter – mostly Country, along with folk/rock with a blues overtone.  My material is recorded with minimal tracks; however, projects a full sound.  Born in Norfolk, VA into a Coast Guard military family and traveled around the east coast during my younger years. My Dad retired from USCG and settled back in Southern Virginia; whereafter,  I started my lifelong career in civil service, specializing in Nondestructive Testing (NDT) for the Navy. I’ve enjoyed the creativity of writing poetically since boyhood, so learning to play guitar in late teens provided a natural step into songwriting. I studied chord and scale theory under instruction of “Lewis McGehee”- one of Tidewater Virginia’s finest acoustic players; of course that doesn’t mean I can play like Lewis, just means I had a good teacher.

My NDT career eventually took me south, to work at Kings Bay Submarine Base in south Georgia. I settled in north Florida on Amelia Island’s Fernandina Beach, where I met my wife Marsha (biggest fan) and many talented local musicians. When time allowed I continued to write, home record and do some local entertaining with fellow musicians. But with songwriting being my passion I wanted more time to focus on just that one dream.

So, I came up eligible for retirement from my day job in 2014, and songwriting became my main focus.  We built a fine Professional Acoustic HomeRecording Studio we call “The Junction”.  The Studio build was a team collaboration with wife Marsha, and dear friend Sherry. We used a venn diagram to define broad responsibility; Marsha (Financial), Sherry (Creative), and myself (technical).  Of course, there was other help from dear friends Willie (local luthier and Folk Songwriter) and Smoky Coe.  Smoky is very talented Songwriter/Producer, and ran a full studio in North Carolina for decades; he also wrote the hit song “Good Intentions” for Randy Travis in the 80’s.  He’s provided many tips for recording, and given me some vintage equipment, for which I’m very grateful.    You can find studio pictures on our Facebook Page .

Also, Since returning to Florida, I’m blessed to be collaborating with good friend and dynamic musician Phil Maphey (Berklee educated), with an ongoing an ongoing Progressive Rock Instrumental project, we call it the Mason Maphey Project  Phil and his wife Kathy are Amelia Island’s very popular entertainers, The Macy’s

So here I am – working with great friends producing music, collaborating with Nashville Producer Johnny Dwinnel of Daredevil Production LLC. to generate top notch Song Demos, and teaming with marketing social media specialist Alice Martin of schroomsocial – and at this stage in my life; I’ve come to know, it really doesn’t get any better – Spiritually speaking!

Peace – hope to meet many of you on the journey – Let Love guide ya!


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