Always a pleasure to collaborate with Girl Hobo & Rusty. Karen wrote the words for “No Shore” and asked if I could add music in a ballad format; with melodic guitar as intro, verse separation and outro. She wrote the words to celebrate her and Rusty’s recent anniversary. Cheers to you both, happy hiking!
Girl Hobo & Rusty’s recent hiking adventure in Newfoundland Canada, where she derived the inspiration for “The Newfoundland Song”. In the photo below is Rusty, Terry and myself working on the rhythm section.
dontworrykeephiking 1
This song is a parody on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobbie McFerrin. I call it, “Don’t Worry, Keep Hiking,” and it’s dedicated to my beau, Rusty, who completed the Appalachian Trail in 2017. Hike on, babe!
dontworrykeephiking 2
dontworrykeephiking 3
dontworrykeephiking 4
dontworrykeephiking 5
dontworrykeephiking 6
dontworrykeephiking 7
dontworrykeephiking 8
dontworrykeephiking 9
dontworrykeephiking 10