The episodic nature of dramatic interpersonal relationship undoubtedly recourses fluid like in effort to coalesce with society’s interpretation of truth. To bear witness is to feel the effect; to determine the factor, is the in-sensitized value of the analytical natures of the the event as it features itself.

For in the destructive conceptual construct of the explosion at its peak; to stand witness, is to see the truth; due to the inevitability of imperfect reasoning, the billowing, flowing constructs of the wispy occurrences, trapped within the memory of the reality explosion singularly realize themselves to the vine-like self centered viewpoints of emotionalized determinations of what the self considers the truth – that fabricated self serving value of its story; however, the explosion itself is the purest moment in space time value of that what quantum sequence revalidates itself as the event – which is truth.

Bewildered and mesmerized at the event – the core attempts its elementary solidification of the sequence as minuscule, mathematical, trivial, episodic paths of the event; in effort to transpose and describe the occurrence – in words created by the imperfect; but within the biological living system created by the maker. Thus resulting in imperfection – that which is not true; but in turn becoming reality, as realized by our maker – which is true.

These words are blood, inflicted by the persecutor, thus becoming the wound – the wound –  a moment in space time that cannot be perfectly explained in the language of the imperfect. Blood flows on blood, in an unvalidated volatile vortex of re looping.

What is sought is clarity for all, through the validation of individual interpretations; which is inherently unique from the perspective.

We engineer and prospect to victorious bravado of culminating emotions necessary to re construct whimsical paths of individualist analogies necessary to convince. Then, in a polluted drunken endeavor to necessitate conclusion – the whimsies undergo metamorphosis, into a mental image of that; which was not witnessed – the inevitable truth, now a past event. Oh how delusional we must seem to the reason of God! The perplexing event of grandiosity is lost once presented, and forever imperfect in explanation of its reality – once stamped into space time.

Individually and collectively we exude confidence of our construction of that which is imperfect; oh how brazen and callous our ego develop such imaginative, speculative, anarchical views. Thus we are the variance, and with our God given logic, the precursor of manual control of the impending shock wave!

To exist; we variably scale our emotional logical denominations; however matured, between the rationalizations of tyranny and anarchy for calibration of our personae. How beautiful – and explosive the possibilities, ever rendering that elusive value of the Truth!

Once delivered, the truth threads and stabilizes accordingly to its intensity – thus manifesting a forged consequence of the self. By now, you must realize, that the truth is a wave percussion of reality, only mastered by our master, and briefly and poetically reverberated through the self – to the selves.

Stop, look, listen, and love – for if any one act detours the calamity of the event – it is love. And with love, we avoid the obvious truth!

Copyright Stephen M Mason